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11 May 1987
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+{ U N D E R________C O N S T R U C T I O N }+

Bae Seul Gi
Patient 01!

Name: !Mila!
Age: !Officially, 22 years old!
Illness: !Being obssesed with coffe, love asian culture, and who know what else could I have?
Symptom: Addict to Caffeina and Cigarretes, !Compulsive Randomness, Excesive Weirdness,
Treatment: !Give me my Yehwook dosis and nobody will get hurt!
Recomendations: !Do not touch Wook or Yehwung when I'm deprived or frustrated. It's a bad idea, I can take out eyes for that.
1) lucid_acolyte
2) je_sea_kah
3) jennchii
4) ryou_no_baka
(The last 2 ones are my favorite ones, but if I can have a conversation with the 3 first ones at the same time, is more than perfect. It's like Siwon's chocolate abs <3~!!)
I want to be democratic and okey, All of your are my favorites ones. Just because you made my world bright and those fluffly stuff that I cannot say cause (I have to save that for my wookie-wook~! 8D!) I will have a weirdness high and we don't want that. So, YES, you all are my favorites nurses (and friends) and YES, you really made my life easier with our conversations. (*Send you kisses*)

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If you have no voice. SCREAM.
If you have no legs. RUN.
If you have no hope. INVENT.
What if anything were possible?

-- Cirque du Soleil - Alegria

Life isn't about finding yourself
It's about creating yourself.

-- George Bernard

Jang Geun Seok
A B O U T ___ M E

Username: Noiseless Night. PopCherryPop.
Nickname(s): Mila.
Real Name: Camila
Age: I'm already 23 years old.
Ethnicity/Background: Chilean
Location: Santiago / Chile

(*) I'm a law student of Finis Terrae's university. This is my 4th year of 5 (6 if we count the practice, the thesis and the final, grade's exam). So, normally I don't update my livejournal very often.
(*) I have the bad habit of writing fanfics but never ending them. I know, I hate myself too. As I have time, I always end doing anything else instead of studing or writting the fanfics (I think that I just should write oneshoots --;)


My TOP List Favorites Groups:
♥Super Junior ♥ SS501 ♥ Son Ho Young ♥ The TRAX ♥ Lee Seung Gi ♥ Mc The MAX ♥ JungChul ♥ Pierrot ♥ Dir en Grey ♥ Glay ♥ Plastic Tree ♥ Merry ♥ Buck Tick ♥ Back On ♥ M-flo ♥ Duel Jewel ♥ Metronome ♥ X-Japan! ♥ Nicholas Tse ♥ Alan Luo ♥ 183Club ♥ Aerosmith ♥ Cirque du Soleil Compilations ♥ Guns N' Roses ♥ James Morrison ♥ HIM ♥ Lacuna Coil ♥ Usher ♥ Bae seul Gi ♥ Sugar ♥

Favorite Movies: Elizabethtown, Nightmare before Xmas, Gen X Cops, The King and the Clown, Shrek, Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Sworfish, Cruel Intentions, Butterfly's effect, Tae Guk Ki, Battle Royal, Johnny Deep's movies, and a lot of Chinese movies. ^-^

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